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Co-ordinating Resources and People working in the arenas of Education, Mobility, Hearing and Eyesight.

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The essential elements of giving are power and love - activity and affection - and the consciousness of the race testifies that in the high and appropriate exercise of these is a blessedness greater than any other.
-Mark Hopkins

Joininghands is a small charity but hopefully we have a big impact on those we help.

Our projects tend to be smallish in size and related to four key areas.





The lessons we have learned from running these projects we try to make as widely available as possible.

So you can learn from our failures and successes and hopefully report to us on your own experiences addressing charitable or development  projects in these areas.

Our fifth key area is in joining interested parties together and making connections. We don’t have funds to give on the whole with virtually everything we generate  going direct  to our yearly project drives. what we do have though is some infrastructure and expertise in showing others who do have funding and or manpower for similar projects how to get things off the ground or accomplished.


If we can help we will help, to help you to help-yourself , help others more effectively.




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Become a Joininghands member, share what you know learn in turn Get the most out of the site by signing up. Members get full access to forums, profile and project searches and the ability to communicate and collaborate with potential supporters, donors, like minded individuals and organisations through our groups. They also get to post adds for free via our classifieds section . So don't miss out.

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Projects Spotlight

EyeCamp Intervention Take a look at some of our main projects, events and initiatives. Featuring projects from all our main project categories: Mobility, Hearing, Vision and Education. You can also discover some of our partners Projects and Programmes. Or if you're a member you can encourage donors or volunteers by posting your own project micro portfolio.

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Wisdom and Guidance

applied wisdom and inspirational quotes Meditate on Our Mantras. Learn from some of the inspirational figures of this or any age. Including practical interpretations on putting the pithy the witty and the wise into action. We don't have any hidden agenda, expect a constantly growing range of advice from Saints, Sages, Businessmen, Academics or sometimes just Us.

Live and Learn !

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