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Co-ordinating Resources and People working in the arenas of Education, Mobility, Hearing and Eyesight.

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August 1985 – Dr Malireddi Venkatraju Memorial Primary School , at   Gollaprolu, E.G.District , Andhra Pradesh , India – Founded by Dr Gavarasana Satyanarayana & Mrs G Subhadra. The school was gradually expanded by Dr Gavarsana with the close support from a dedicated School committee since its original construction and currently also supervised /supported by Dr MVR Memorial Health & Education Trust.


July 2005 – Construction of Smt Malireddi Saraswathi Memorial Branch Library , by the parents of few trustees of our parent trust , at Gollaprolu village as above.


April 2007 – Our Parent trust : Dr MVR  Memorial Health & Education Trust – officially registered as a Charitable Trust at Vizag , India.

Chairman: Mr Redla Seshagiri Rao.


January 2008 – Formation of Joininghands Charity, Manchester, UK.

Founder Trustee: Dr Raghunath Pabbineedi.

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EyeCamp Intervention Take a look at some of our main projects, events and initiatives. Featuring projects from all our main project categories: Mobility, Hearing, Vision and Education. You can also discover some of our partners Projects and Programmes. Or if you're a member you can encourage donors or volunteers by posting your own project micro portfolio.

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